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How to write essay on the choice of a career !! How do I choose a career essay?

How to write essay on the choice of a career !! How do I choose a career

How to write essay on the choice of a career


While the whole world seems to be drawn to the convention of pursuing college education to bag lucrative careers, some gladly give up the prospects of such a future to pursue their dreams of living and sustaining themselves in the wild. The choice of a career should not be made by accident or by sheer force of circumstances. It should be made by foresight and commonsense. Young men are not competent enough to make such a choice.

This should be made by their parents and teachers. Various factors should guide in the choice of a career. One’s taste and inclination should be taken into consideration to decide the suitability of the career. Modern science, particularly, psychology, has thrown much light upon the intellectual capacity of man. If a man takes up a work, best suited for him, he is bound to achieve success sooner or later. Modern psychology has found out different tests to decide a man’s aptitude and mental power.


These tests are specially valuable for younger boys at school. In India , people do not have equality of opportunity , so the choice of a career is not an easy matter . Here the majority of people are governed by poverty, unfavourable circumstances and cruel changes. Countless young men in our country do not have sufficient opportunities for the development of their talents. Life on campus has its lure, although it spells discipline in the traditional sense.

Youngsters are back, with dreams for an experience, which prepares them for the real world of big careers. One must be careful about sticking to the career one has chosen for oneself because a rolling stone gathers no moss. There are certain limitations to a choice of career. In spite of all the psychological researches, it is not always possible to judge properly the capacity of man. But once chosen, one should stick to one’s career till it is materialised.

How to write essay on the choice of a career

The future is always uncertain and there is a saying that a man proposes but the God disposes. The people have lots of dreams for the future but they never know if they would ever enjoy the reality. But, inspite of the uncertainty about the future, they would do plans, proposals and enjoy dreams for the future. I have my future plans too. As soon as my examination is over , I will start preparations for the joint entrance examination .

I have had a strong desire from my childhood to become a doctor. This desire inspires me to prepare for taking admission into a medical college. I know that it is very difficult to obtain a seat in the medical college of Odisha. But I feel confident that I will get successful. It will take five and a half years to obtain the MBBS degree. After that , I will go for specialization in pediatrics . I love the children to see them healthy and cheerful. After about a year and half, I will be a specialist in the treatment of diseases of the children. Then I will set up my own clinic where I will work in a spirit of missionary zeal. It is not that I won’t ask for fees.

But I will do so within a reasonable limit and would certainly spare people who are very poor to pay me fees. Further, I will devote one day a week to provide free medical service, advice and hearty treatment to the children of the different schools of my locality. I also have the plans to set up a children’s hospital in my locality with the help of charitable and religious organisations. This hospital will be so planned that each parent of my locality will have free access to the hospital for treatment of his or her children. I will see it that the hospital will be managed by the people of the locality rather than by any external agency / organisation. Such are my future plans, I hope with the blessing of the Almighty and my parents, I will be able to achieve my dreams of the future plan.



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