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How to write essay on my mother !! How can I describe my mother in words?

How to write essay on my mother !! How can I describe my mother in words?

How to write essay on my mother

Mother is the central figure in the family,

My mother is the head of our family.  We are all dependent on her physically and mentally and when there is any hardship or problem or worry in our family, the first person to solve is our mother.  My mother is the central figure who gives us advice, encouragement, willingness, braveness during any critical time.


Her age and appearance,

My mother is an old woman who has touched the age of seventy five.  She is a good house wife, not a good career woman although she is highly educated and knowledgeous.


House wife or a career lady,

She is hard working, kind, helpful, caring and loving.  She is always busy at doing her household works.  She gets up early in the morning and does all kinds of works.  She is like a machine.  She feels everybody’s wanting.  She solves everybody’s problem in our family.


Sole character of the family,

She inspires us well how to know good, to do good and to be good.  She helps me to keep fit and cheerful.  She is always careful and guides us like a teacher.  So I am always good at my study.  When I feel ill, her warmth voice recover me from my suffering and she gives me delicious diet to eat.  We can never forget her service and sacrifice.  She is really a great, wonderful, loving and caring woman in our family.


How she cares for you and the family,

The wonderful thing is that she never wants anything from us in return.  She just wants our life, respect and good character.  She is the first Guru of all of us.  Behind our any achievement in school, there is the first person who is my mother.  I think there would have been no Gandhiji, Sivaji, Newton or Lincoln if there had been no mother.  So to say, “If there is a healthy tree, there are healthy flowers and fruits.”


A source of inspiration to the children what happens when she is ill,

When my mother feels ill at any time, there is seen disorder in our family and we feel distress and pray to the God for her recovery from illness.  I always think how lovely I am to have such a mother like her For She is a teacher, a philosopher, an advisor and a guide to me.  Her precious and sweet words attract me and is a source or until succes in my duty.  I suppose she is the first person who guides the mileage pole in my life.


She is really precious,

She loves me much since I am studying sincerely and a punctul student.  I often carry out his order and advice.  She explains me how to be a good and honourable man in the society.  She tells the life of saints, educationists, scientists and philosophers and want me to be impressed by them.  She behaves me as if I were her own property.


How you cherish your mother

I feel that she is a pillar of strength in my odd times.  My father often seeks her guidance in various domestic matters.  She is a statue of the God in our family.  On her absence in our family, the house seems like a desert.  Accordingly to ourselves we should be truthful, courageous, religious and honourable in the now – a – days – society.  All our family have great administration and love for her.  I wish that may the God bless her to live a hundred.


How to write essay on my mother

About My Mother

Mother is the most important person in the family. Nobody can replace the mother in the child’s heart. An ideal mother is one who is a role model for her family. She is a woman who upholds peace, health and happiness in the family. An ideal mother is the epitome of affection , love and sacrifice . She has deep faith in God, so she is merciful and kind to everyone just like a Goddess. She tries to understand the mind and heart of her husband , her children and relatives . She has a smiling face. One can never see her frowning face because her looks have pleasing influence on the family members.

She controls her anger with great patience and makes her children , husband and the elderly feel as if they are her equal. An ideal mother always advises her children to be truthful, industrious, wise and brave. She tells her children to be punctual in every aspect of human life. She is the first teacher of her children. She teaches her children with great care. She tells stories of the greatmen of the country in order to inculcate truth, honesty and diligence, bravery among her children. An ideal mother always values ​​pleasure and happiness among the members of her family. She is a selfless woman who drapes her family with kindness, honesty and devotion. She stands against injustice, violence and guides her family members whenever one is in trouble or despair.

An ideal mother is active and soft – spoken . She invites her friends , relatives to have a discussion and often visits their houses . She cooks food and serves it to everyone in the family. An ideal mother is just like a merciful and loving goddess who showers her blessings on each member of the family. Her children, husband and everyone are proud of her. She lives in the family and believes that it is the most sacred place . She fights against all evils and undertakes massive noble work to eradicate poverty, ignorance, disease in her family. She makes her children aware of their duties for the family and the nation.





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