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Why winter is my Favourite season essay !! How to write essay on winter season

Why winter is my Favourite season essay !! How to write essay on winter season

Why winter is my Favourite season essay

Introduction – Description of the season – The Natural sights – The advantages – The disadvantages – Conclusion

There are six seasons in a year and winter is one of them . Mainly we feel three seasons such as summer , rain and winter . October ,November , December and January are called the winter season . In some countries, the winter season goes on for more than four months.

Every person feels extreme cold during this season. Mainly it is hard enough for the old . The temperature of the atmosphere comes down rapidly. So every man feels cold and the cold winter wind generally blows from the North direction and it causes piercing sharp pain to the body. The winter morning becomes foggy sometimes and the winter day becomes shorter and the winter night becomes longer in comparison to the summer season.

The sky is clear as it has no clouds. The air is dry as there is no water vapor. The trees become leafless and flowerless. So there are no fruits in the winter. But a very few variety of flowers like Marigold ,The farmers go to their fields to check up rain water and keep ready to grow crops in this season. They feel lucky when rain comes to the earth.

Why winter is my Favourite season essay

The rainfall in this season removes heatness of the summer. It provides fresh and distilled water to all the living creatures. It washes away the dust and dirty things from the surface of the earth to the river bed . It brings fresh water to the earth and takes dirty water to the river bed. It makes the earth alive and greenery all around the earth. It helps to grow fruits and vegetables. The cows get a lot of newly born green grass to graze on the fields for their food. The forest animals also get fresh water in this season. The peacocks dance with joy at the arrival of the rainfall on the earth. In this season , the flood arises in the rivers . It makes land fertilized. There are some important festivals in this season such as the Ratha yatra , the Rakhi Purnima and the Chitalagi Amabasya . The people enjoy these festivals one after another happily and pray to the God to get good crops in their fields.



We know that the heavy rainfall causes flood on the earth. The rainy season also washes away the towns and villages and endangers the life and property of the human beings. The roads are cut off and the paths become muddy. So the common communication becomes uneasy. Mosquitoes and flies grow a lot and cause different diseases. The people are suffering from fever at the change of a season . So they should adjust with themselves carefully.



Among all the seasons , the rainy season is the best of all the seasons . It is because the life of the living creatures is impossible without water and rainfall . So it is always worthy welcome to all.



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