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Why is women’s education important essay? How can we promote girls education in India?

Why is women’s education important essay? How can we promote girls education in India?

Why is women's education important essay

A woman is not only the half of the status of her husband but also an adviser, viewer and supporter of a family where there is negligence in a woman, there is no development and growth of anything in the society. She is not a player of a man in the society. According to Vivekananda ” The country which does not honor to the women society , that country can not be a great one ” Our country falls down due to the negligence towards the women society and there not importance on them . The development of the women society affects for the development of the concerned nation .


The more progress a woman gets, the more progress the country gains, without a woman in a family, the family is not fulfilled and graceful. So to make them improve in education is highly essential and time has changed in comparison to the past. Hence to make the society successful, there is required education for them all. Once the ancient India was glorified with honor and India reached to the top of the limit not only in materialistic but also in spiritualism. At that time a woman was well educated like a man.


The vaidek woman was as powerful as the man and were all educated. The women were learning education in the huts of saints with the men. Gargi, Maitreyi were the examples of that time. Lilabati’s method of calculation in mathematics made everyone wonderful. Kalidas and his wife argued each other in such a way that now it is impossible to do so in our modern society. At the Ashram of Balmiki a large number of women were coming to learn and educate themselves Sita , Sabitri and Draupadi were the good examples of the Indian culture. Above all, the women were well educated in the past but unfortunately India got lost by the hands of mughal, Muslim and British Govt. and so the Indian women were deprived of their social education and they became illiterate for a long period.


In the modern age, education for a woman has taken more interest. A woman is not a pillar of comfortable. She is not a player of a man. She is equal to the man in every corner. She is workable in every stage of the country. In nineteen hundred century there were the struggles for education of the women. The king Ram Mohan Ray argued for the presentation of education for women. The Arjya Samaj established by Dayananda Saraswati was in progress for the education of women. There was ” Maha Vidyalaya ” in Jalandhar town of Panjab .


There was also an Indian National Social organization in 1896 of Kolkatta held for education of the women on the 10th meeting. This meeting was for the different purposes of education for women. So there should be a women college , a women teacher appointment , training for the women teachers , the women who can not come to schools , there should be the opening of a home school . The spiritual and growth of Character for education of women should be learned, Sanskrit Pandits should be appointed, Books should be supplied to women college and girls high schools.

The women should be trained for health , home , economic , taming of animals , management of a family on the different organizations . India Govt. also stressed upon education of the women in 1905. Except this there was seen the establishment of Rama Krishna Mission , Viswa Bharati University established by Rabindranath , Bharat Sri Mandal established in 1910 , The women society established in Madras in 1907 , The Women University established by Karve in 1916 were the resources of the growth and development of education for women . Except this , there was a Bengal women education organization in 1927 , The Sarva Bharatiya Women organization was purely affected the society only for this purpose .

Why is women's education important essay

Education for the women was on progress to the last of 1930 ” by Hartog Committee and Radha Krishna committee of women . Radha Krishnan Committee and Gandhiji’s education for the women was also spread throughout the country . So most of the women were attracted for education and progressed much. But after Independence, the idea for education was decreased by them. Phakir Mohan Senapati published the interest of education for the women in the book of Rebati After all , after Independence , there was seen the progress of education for the women and there has been opening of Girls ‘ High Schools , Women Colleges and universities for their development . Now the women are comprised of skills for different works in our society as it was in the past .


For the development of the country , education for the women is necessary . Now – a – days she takes part in politics , in medical science , in defense , in administration , in e ngineering and she is skillful in home duty. She is the Goddess Durga to destroy unjustice. She dedicates her life for welfare of the society. They glorify the culture of the society. So according to Mahatma Gandhi, “I don’t wish the women of our country to receive the life pattern of foreign countries.” The queen of Baroda also gave her opinion about education for the women in 1929. To build our nation , the role of the women is necessary . Due to the development of the women , there became the development of a family , village , state and country if the women were all educated , the society gets the improvement , They are the sole creator of the society and sole developer of the nation . So they should be well educated, well trained and well treated in our society.


The history of progress of human civilization is the history of education. A nation’s progress is impossible without educated women. Girls should be educated like men otherwise there is no peace and no progress both in the family and the nation.

In the modern society, girls are mostly neglected by their parents at homes. They are considered unwanted additional burden to the family. So the parents never confess their eagerness to educate their daughters for their all-round developments. Unfortunately in some conservative families the girls are mostly neglected. Millions of girls receive little education or no education in our country. Most of the girls suffer a lot because they are deprived of their fundamental rights. They are denied of the opportunities to socialize or to acquire knowledge.

Probably poverty, ignorance and ill – feelings force the parents and thereby they never want their daughter to be educated. An educated girl can be a good friend, a clever nurse and a useful adviser to the family. When the girl becomes the mother, she can influence over the lives of her children. A perfect mother can enable her children to grow into good citizens of the nation and jewels for their families. An educated mother invests a lion’s share of income in their children’s education. Educated mothers try to improve the health, sanitation of their children and their husbands. They provide better food to their children. They protect their families from illness. As a result of this the child mortality rate is less than the families where the mothers lack education.

When a woman performs her duties properly, she is worthy of being called a complete mother. Unless the girls are educated, they can’t manage their families properly. Only educated woman can. understand the needs of their family members. They will never send their children to work as a child labour. Educated girls can manage to earn their living like men and they can do a lot for their uplift. Educated women can set up industries business organizations like men or they can do well in government services. Educated women can control population growth and the menace of child labor can be reduced ificantly. They can eradicate problems of the family and the country will be rich in years to come.

Education teaches them what they should be. It teaches them how they should be good daughters , good wives and good mothers . It is clear that educating the girls can change the face of the family and the society. We must remember that education for girls is not an opinion, but it is essential. Let’s start educating the girls to make progress of the country. If the girls are educated, they can make their parents, husbands and children truly happy.





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