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What is environmental pollution essay in English ?What are the effects of environmental pollution?

What is environmental pollution essay in English ?What are the effects of environmental pollution?

What is environmental pollution essay in English

A neat and clean environment refreshes mind and inculcates to do good things and live healthily. Due to the growth of the pollution , the environment is going down into an unhealthy situation which affects to the life of the living creatures . There should be the steps for a healthy and clean environment for the sake of the human beings. Pollution means making a dirty , filthy and unhealthy environment . Due to the growth of the population , it has become a problem to all .


So the geographist and scientist had already taken the measures of how to eradicate air, water and earth pollution. The western countries were also deeply upset to suggest that there would be impossible to live on the earth for all forms of life. Due to the growth of cities and towns , the growth and development of the industries , and decreasing of the afforestation programs , the raise of the number of the vehicles cause Soil , Water , Air and noise pollution . These pollution affects our life and age.


Due to the growth and progress of all the sciences are utilized are also the cause of damages of natural resources. The man began to cut down the trees and abolished forests . He did not plant new trees and made new factories on the forest areas in place of the trees. The Chimneys of the factories began to emit out smoke . So this pollutes air. This smoke is more harmful to the man and the natural surrounding . The number of the stress also decreased. The transport and business increased and so the means of the pollution increased and caused to make noise pollution .


The vehicles exhaust smoke and sound to pollute air and noise or sound which become difficult to tolerate and impossible to lead a happy life . The pollution noise affects our capacity of hearing and affects to our constancy of the brain power if one is bound to listen above 40 to 50 decible of sound which happens to be lost his hearing power . It can create anxiety and disorder in mind. It can loose the constancy of brain and damage memory power. According to Psychologists , one will have to lose work efficiency when he hears more than 50 decibel sound . The industries and factories throw their waste materials into the rivers and thus make pollution of water .

What is environmental pollution essay in English

The fish and other water creatures can not survive in water. Another reason of pollution is the growth of population and so it should be checked up. On the other hand , the chemicals , medicines , fertilizers and pesticides are harmful to health . With the growth use of all those things vegetation has become to an end from the earth. This causes soil pollution and there would come one day ” Acid rainfall ” which is the rain water mixed with the affect of various poisonous gases . It will effect crops extremely. So as to reduce pollution from the earth we have to decrease the rate of population growth from day by day .


Secondly the natural resources should be redeveloped. Thirdly the factories should adopt pollution control measure . Fourthly the vehicles should have from machinery check not to emit smoke to the environment . Fifthly , a social forestry program should be adopted throughout the country and the deforestation system should be controlled . All these measures will surely help to the mankind to fight against pollution . It is time for the Govt. to take proper measures for this purpose and we should realize that it is a crime to interfere into the nature as the man has no right to destroy this beautiful universe and should make a nice environment for the coming generations.


Environmental pollution is a cause for concern, not only for us but also for mankind as a whole. The last century has seen the rise of this menace assume gigantic proportions, so much so that it has cast its gloomy shadow on nature itself. The diminishing ozone ionosphere leading to global warming and the seasonal variations,are some of the adverse effects of pollution that are threatening the environment in which we live . Pollution is a by – product of the unprecedented Industrial Revolution that we have seen in the last few decades .


The establishment of large scale factories, belching out smoke, fumes and chemically hazardous waste, has now started having a telling effect on the environment. This coupled with the unprecendented growth of automobiles and the ever – increasing human population , are some of the factors that are making environment pollution a cause of concern . The effects of pollution are all pervasive. An immediate fallout being the reduction in the oxygen content in the atmosphere, the presence of potentially harmful gases causing asthma and even lung cancer, which at times proves fatal.


The large – scale release of chemical wastes into the rivers and streams are the cause of dwindling aquatic life in the rivers and oceans . This also adversely affects the soil where river water is used for irrigation . purposes. Some gases like chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) used in air conditioners and refrigerators, have been known to cause reduction of the protective ozone in the ionosphere. We have also before us the devastating consequences of the Union Carbide gas leak in Bhopal , that led to wanton destructoin of life , when thousands perished and lakhs were rendered crippled for life . It has also been conclusively proved that global warming and unpredictability of seasons are some of its immediate fallouts. The threat of environment contamination looms large on the earth today.


It no longer remains an individual or national concern, but is now a global problem, to be addressed internationally. As an immediate measure , environmentalists have suggested ban on use of potentially harmful chemicals / gases in industry and discharge of wastes only after proper treatment . The establishment of emission norms for vehicles and protecting the green cover in the form of forest and trees are some of the measures suggested. While the government is setting up enforcement and monitoring agencies for keeping this menace under check, it is also our responsibility to lend a helping hand in this monumental task.


It is common for us to curse nature, when it causes major devastation due to its unpredictability, Pt in the words of John Milton ‘ Accuse not Nature, She hath done her part. Do thou but thin ‘ . This is something we owe to ourselves and to our future generations, for this evil if not kept under check, has the potential to obliterate life on the only planet known to nurture it.



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