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What Did Captain Amarinder Singh Say About The New Party And Victory In 2022 Punjab Elections

Punjab Election 2022: Captain Amarinder Singh, the former Chief Minister of Punjab, spoke openly on resigning from the post of Chief Minister, quitting the Congress party and the tussle with Navjot Singh Sidhu. Captain Amarinder Singh while talking to a channel said that when you are in a party and when the party does not want you to remain, then you will have to form your own party, because the number of years I am in, I want to give it to my Punjab. I am not ready to retire.

Captain said that before I left the Congress party, I told Sonia Gandhi that I want to leave the party now, not after the elections, because Sidhu and I cannot walk together, but Sonia Gandhi refused. . He told me that no you stay, but then the same thing happened. The CLP meeting was called from behind my back. I knew what was happening there. Then at 10 in the morning there was a call from Sonia ji that Amarinder should resign, so I said that I was ready. I called the governor to give me time so that I can tender my resignation.

On the question of being in the Congress party, he said that now what would I do while staying in the party. I want to work in the party. Didn’t have to just sit on the chair. The captain said that when you are winning in every phase, then what was the need for this change. Regarding the problem with Sidhu, he said that it is not the problem of Sidhu, it is the problem of leadership. Why under Sidhu? What is Sidhu, he was in BJP for 14-15 years and he was watching the dramas that he kept doing. Then suddenly he was made the state president of Congress.

The Captain said that since I joined politics, we had a government from 2002 to 2007. Why should we lose in 2007 because we gave wrong seats. That was not the way to contest elections. This time I gave the seats I asked for and we won. Sometimes those who are in the field understand things better than the people who sit in the office. The same thing happened in Parliamentary seats. Take 8 out of 43 our seats.

Regarding getting the symbol for his party, Captain Amarinder Singh said that it takes three weeks to approve the name, while it takes 6 weeks to approve the symbol, so I should wait. The time is short in the elections next year, regarding this, the Captain said that there is no talk of time. The question is, what is the concept of people, perception has to be made.

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