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What are advantages and disadvantages of television ? Essay on television in English.

What are advantages and disadvantages of television ? Essay on television in English.

Essay on television in English.

One of the greatest inventions of the scientific world that has contributed immensely to the development of mankind is the invention of television. It is a great source of information and entertainment brought to the comfort of our households. It is boon for the lonesome , elderly people and proves bane for the innocent kinds. It is informative but addictive. It keeps one up to date but is rather disruptive.


It is a mixed blessing. The history of television compromises the work of numerous engineers and inventors in several countries over many decades. Television in India was introduced with an experimental telecast in Delhi in September 1959 when UNESCO gave the Indian Government some TV sets and financial support . Until 1975 , only seven Indian cities had the television service . Color TV was introduced in 1982 in the Indian market . At that time there was only one national channel Doordarshan.


The most obvious and important advantage of television is news. News that took months to travel from one place to another now takes just a fraction of a second, minus the distorting factor of human messengers. The impact of this improved communication on our lives is great indeed. We are not only better informed of current events all over the world but we are also exposed to a multitude of different cultures and ways of life. These days news is telecast in different regional languages ​​so as to reach the maximum . TV is a matchless source of entertainment. It provides hours of fun and enjoyment to young and old alike.


Video games are wonderful tools for developing hand – eye coordination . Channels like National Geographic , Discovery Channel , History TV18 are highly informative . It really makes us aware of the real wonders of our earth and universe. Apart from news and music channels , lifestyle channels like NDTV Goodlife , and cooking / food channels are also gaining momentum amongst the viewers. Through the medium of TV , manufactures are Ple to reach out to consumers more effectively. The advertisements on TV serve to inform the consumers about new products . However , now – a days we are literally overwhelmed by dozens of advertisement clips on TV all vouching for how good their products are . Apart from this TV is an invaluable education tool .


These days even cable network providers like TATA Sky too have been telecasting smart kids programs to enhance the general knowledge of the kids. On the other hand , cartoons like Shin Chan , Doraemon , which lack morals and values ​​, and are banned in their origin countries are being widely watched by Indian kids . Television comes with a lot of drawbacks too. Foremost being the health issues. It deteriorated one’s vision. The thinking process can get so muddled up that one would not be able to think clearly.

What are advantages and disadvantages of television ? Essay on television in English.

Viewing TV at high volume has been seen as hampering the function of ears . It is highly addictive too . Other than this TV provides no educational benefits for a child under the age of 2. Worse, it steals time for activities that actually develop their brain by interaction with others. Watching soap operas, violence, explicit shows, superflous habits, horror shows render teenagers with bad behaviour. TV provides counter images to reality and supplies visual forms for fantasies and day dreams and in some cases, have even given rise to anti – social activities.


The discovery of science is everywhere colourful. Science takes the steps to improve the mind of the human beings into a world of happiness , attraction , and pleasure at any time one of the contributions of the scientists is the Television and is one of the wonderful discoveries , it gives pleasure by bringing the pictures and news of any corner of the world before the eyes of a man . So it is a blessing of the Almighty to all. It is the best of all that the mediums through which the voice of a man reaches before us by the Radio Broad Casting .


But in the Television Medium it is possible to bring the pictures of the speaking persons , voice , the pictures of the incident place before our eyes directly which gives us amusement. It provides the cultural programs , films , operas , news , science based activities , current affairs and beautiful daily happenings to make us happy and harrasless . It provides us what to do and what not to do in our daily life. It advises how to honor our Religion and Motherland. It creates deep belief in the God at our mind. Above all , it is an instrument which comes in good contact with each and every man in the now – a – days ‘ society . A man will never exist a while except the T.V programs. The Television is worked out by the electric engine. There are different television centers at different towns urban places of the state.


There is a tower and Audio machine at the top position of the town. The rocket takes the pictures and sounds to the artificial Satellites to the sky and there is a red light. This system is worked out at the big towns or cities . According to the Television system , there is kept some colored pictures , a Satellite is helpful to collect the distant figures / pictures and news to all . The advantages of the television is more and more from the day by day. We can know the news of any distant places in a while but after this, it will be published in the news papers or declared by the Radio Broad Casting programs. We can enjoy cricket matches, death of the great persons, and listen to the speech of the national leaders. We can see the leaders of other countries and welcome to them, the daily events of the nation, the publication of science, the pictures of education, films and the current affairs at a time.


So it is unworthy to compare the value of the Television system today. The dramas , In comparison to the advantages of Television , there is a very few disadvantage . The disadvantages depend upon the use of learning and the intaking of the concerned persons . The students generally forget their duties looking to the Television programs a lot. They see and enjoy the naked pictures always. They follow the same path in their daily life. So the parents or guardians think that a Television has bad impact upon their children. It is true that we should watch the Television. But it is unnecessary to see the program at a continuous time and waste our duty and should not influence our eyes. The India Govt. spreads the Television programs as the Indians show great interest and eagerness to see the Television. So as to avoid superistition in India , we should use the Television in the progressive path of our country .



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