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How to write essay on life in a town !! How do you write a paragraph in town life ?

How to write essay on life in a town !! How do you write a paragraph in town life ?

How to write essay on life in a town

I like to live in a town . Now – a – days the number of towns and town life is growing faster than day by day in our country . The Indians are interesting to live and enjoy town life. As it is full of busy and no politics enters into this life, They are always free from narrowness and always feel broadness in the life. There are different kinds of people in caste, creed and color at the town life. They are all the service persons those are busy at their office work and responsibility . They have sacred thought and decision at their home life. No politics in their family life enters in the town. The town people do not think others business in any time.


The people are always broad minded to improve their family life in the town. They are competitive in nature. There are a lot of parks , cinema halls , broad roads , buildings , temples in the town . The people go there to avoid their tiredness and distress in the evening. The people run, walk and sit in the parks for one or two hours for talking about the daily life. It is a place where the town people get relief and happiness in the evening and refresh their mental activity extremely. They often visit cinema hall in the night. The town people enjoy and get a lot of facilities in their life. As there are different offices such as Hospitals , Schools , Colleges , Libraries , University , Block Office , Tahasil Office , Police Station , Post Office , Municipality Office etc , the town people finish their incomplete works by attending in the offices .


The datas and facilities are fulfilled by the town people . They take very short time to enjoy the daily problems in the Offices. The town people get electric , water and telephone facility at an easy step . Normally they are lucky to feel an easier life and they are provided with a pucca building having a small garden around it . They can grow vegetables, flowers and fruits around their building. It is also a small park which enables them to work physically there for some time in a day. Really the town people furnish their duty timely. They get up at 7 A.M. , refresh and take light tiffin. Then they go to work in the office and come back at 1 P.M. and take the lunch and take rest for two hours. Again they visit to office and come to the house at 5PM . Everyday they go for marketing in the evening.

How to write essay on life in a town

During night the town people take care of their children. They attend attentively for the progress of their children at dawn and dusk. They send their children to coaching center to be competitive among the other children. The town people don’t have time to enrich their political thinking or critical life for other families . They have high thinking and broadness mind to develop knowledge of their children. They are dutiful, punctual, social, home seek and labourious. They are free and self minded. The town people are competitive, advanced and educated at every field of their life and want to make the same for their children.


They spend a lot of money to grow up their children in mentally, socially, educationally and academically. The town people rather have no critical thinking for their neighbors and no politics enter into their life. They are neat and clean at their thought and behaviour. They enjoy the beautiness of their family life and regard the honor of the Nation. They protest against the Govt. how to live happily and peacefully and want everyman to be worthy living . They want to make everyone literate and wise thought for the sake of the Motherland. They are wise and quick at their own success. I like to live in a town and want to maintain town life. I and our family want to have broad mindedness for the improvement of our family and our country well . Everyone will be fed with hospitality and education easily and maintain peace, calm and quiet. I love the town life as it is full of anxiousness, sacredness purity and busy in their daily duty. It is also advanced in every activity. So most of the people in India are now going away leaving behind the country life. As mine , it is happy and honesty life.


Life in a town is full of attractions . Man is anxious to live in a town or city. The solitude of village life cannot charm in many more. He feels he will be considered civilized if he lives in a town. Moreover , the village life cannot satisfy his evergrowing wants .. The life in a town offers many facilities . Town is the center of education. There are schools, collages, and even universities in the town. There are public libraries and reading rooms . We can go there and enrich our minds. The newspapers give us news and views of the world. The radio gives us song , music , news , etc. Television sets entertain us with dances and dramas. All this give us a scope for personal development. There offices , mills , factories , etc. in the towns. There are scope for jobs for persons of different skills. Buses , trains , etc. help us to move from one place to another .


There are shops selling varieties of articles and we can buy things as per our choice. If you have money, you can live there in a comfortable house. In summer , you can have electricity , shower – bath , air coolers , refrigerators etc. to make you happy. In winter you can use electric heaters to keep you warm. There are theaters and cinemas , parks and gardens for our recreation . Here, we can enjoy the real thrill of life. There are hospitals where we can get better medical aid. The life in a town is not without disadvantages. The town is thickly populated. The streets are congested. The mills and factories here pollute the air. The dirty drains spread bad smell . We feel chocked here for want of fresh air. Accidents are very common in towns or cities. Here people are selfish. One falls an easy prey to evil temptations of town life and then gets spoiled. One can buy happiness if one has money. So , here the rich enjoy their life , whereas the poor live in sorrow . Despite these defects, the town life is better than the village life now – a – days. It helps one to rise higher in any field. So , such a life is more welcome in these days.



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