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How do I write an essay about my family? How do you write 10 sentences about your family?

How do I write an essay about my family? How do you write 10 sentences about your family?

How do I write an essay about my family

A family means the grand total of one’s husband , wife and children including aunts , uncles , cousins ​​and grand parents . Our family consists of my father , mother , one elder brother , and myself . We all love to each other in our family. My father is a priest. He is always busy at his own duty to worship and predicts the future events of people from their horoscopes and gets some earning . He is greatly admired by the people of our locality and most of the time people come to him to ask about their future. He is extremely affectionate to me. He is the head person who guides and manages our family. My mother is warm, caring and loving woman who manages our family calmly. She is an educated woman.


She is a primary teacher and is a clever woman. Besides her duty in the school , she is busy at home work and guides me and my elder brother . She is good at cooking and serving to all. She used to tell folk when we were child and advises us to be good, noble, real and humble person in future. There is one elder brother in our family. He loves me too much. He advises me how to study well and guide me to be a competitive learner in the society. My elders never allow me to watch ordinary television programmes. They always want me to be impressed by their activities and duties. I often follow them and their routine work. They want me to be a scholar in our village.My elder brother tries me to be a good teacher in future.

I am a boy of fourteen years old and studying in class 9th. I am fond of reading and planting trees in our garden . My parents also urge me to work hard. In spite of many differences in our family we love to each other. Ours is a happy family because all the members recognize the individuality of each other’s character and personality. I never forget the proper duties towards my parents and elder ones. My parents and elder brother love me too much. We never forget love and respect to each other. In our family we enjoy the freedom of telling the truth and beauty.

How do I write an essay about my family

Every person is having his opinion without any hesitation. My parents are always conscious of our best results and relations. Their broad mindedness and tolerance ensures me a healthy and cheerful surrounding in our family . As a happy family , we talk together , pray together , eat together , laugh together and consult together . We believe in the God and Duty. We are all fond of love and sacrifice and having a sharing and caring attitude towards each other. We stand by together through any kind of obstacle and act as the pillars of strength in misfortune. My parents and elder brother are the friends and philosophers for me in our family.


Joint Family in the true sense means a group of people belonging to the same line of descent staying together as one unit. The genesis of this system dates back to the Aryan period, when the feudal system was prevalent. This provided an effective way to combat natural calamities and also safeguarded them from the onslaught of enemies. It acted as an umbrella, shielding the old and the infirm, demonstrating the concept of ‘ strength in unity ‘. However, such a family system has outlived its use in the modern times. Today this concept of a family system is neither plausible nor practical. The reasons for this are very obvious. With the increasing population , it is no longer viable to cultivate and subsist on the marginal landholding .


People are therefore compelled to migrate to cities and towns seeking employment opportunities . Life in the cities are not conducive to a joint family system, where it is not economically viable to sustain a large family. Not only in cities, this family system is also crumbling in the villages, as people get more ambitious and materialistic. With the increasing education and awareness level of people, has come the desire to be independent. This is also in keeping with the democratic setup in the country, where everyone has an equal right. This is contrary to the concept of a joint family system that thrives on an authoritarian setup, where the ‘ Karta ‘ or the family head takes all the decisions. It therefore, stunts the growth of young minds and acts like an impediment in their development. In an age where initiative and ideas command a premium, such a family system is obsolete.


Socially too a joint family system is now impractical. The society has become one great family, where there is a tremendous opportunity for people from different castes and creeds to come together. The boundaries of caste and creed are fast crumbling, as we see more and more of inter-caste marriages taking place. This is possible because of an open society, where there is complete freedom of thought and action. Moreover the internal squabbles and unpleasantness that are inherent in a joint family system , are unheard of in the nuclear family system.

On the other hand , it increases love and affection between family members , as ‘ absence makes the heart grow fonder ‘. The joint family system notwithstanding its advantages is a misfit and has lost its relevance in the modern age. It is no longer possible to live in such a system which is completely out of tune with the time , when there is emphasis on excellence and not consensus .



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