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Essay on my motherland in english !! Why I am Proud to be an Odia ?

Essay on my motherland in english !! Why I am Proud to be an Odia ?

Essay on my motherland in english

The citizens grow on , live and get their prosperity on their own land of getting birth . They feel proudy about their native place. They are all obliged with her. The Odia feel proud owing to a lot of reasons and so am I. I am proud to be an odia because I live in a land which is considered one of the most sacred places of India. Because it bears the Almighty, The Lord Jagannath to whom the people pray throughout the universe. Odisha has created my personality, honor, position, my liking and disliking, tastes and sensibility.

I am proud to be an Odia as I inherit a rich heritage of the culture. The people from the different states want curiously about the Odissi dance , Sambalpuri Saree and Pattachitra painting . I am proud to be an odia as the people of our country are eager to visit and enjoy the places such as Konark , Bhubaneswar , Nandan Kanan , Puri and the lake Chilika . They are also attracted towards the architecture of Odisha whose tradition was traced back to the sixth century B.C. I am proud to be an odia as the land of Odisha is an ancient land of splendid beauty & natural scenery .


I am proud to be an odia , as there are a lot of the devotees of the God . Among them ” Dasia Bauri ” is the greatest one . I am proud to be an odia as there are lots of poets , writers and philosophers such as Kali Das , Godabarisha Mishra , Radhakrishna Rout , Kuntala Kumari Sabat and Chandra Sekhar . I am proud to be an odia as I belong to a land that has produced the great freedom fighters like saheed Laxman Nayak , the great cricketers like Debasis Mohanty and Sir Sundar Das , the great hockey players like Dillip Tirkey , the political leaders like Harekrushna Mahatab and Biju Pattanaik. I am proud to be an Odia as the human society is simple, honoured, labourious, kindred, devotees of the God and intelligent where the land beautifies and glorifies the graceful manner of her people.


India is my motherland where I was born . She is one of the oldest civilizations of the world . She is the second most populous country of the world which is the center of ancient knowledge and culture. The total area of ​​my country is 32.87 lakh square kilometers . There are three seas on three sides of my motherland . The Arabian Sea stretches away to the west, the Indian Ocean to the south and the Bay of Bengal to the east of my motherland. My motherland has 28 states and seven union territories . She is the only country in the world where people of different castes, religions and languages ​​live together. Hindi is the official language of my country .

Essay on my motherland in english
There are as many as 25 languages ​​that people of different states speak. My motherland is a land of villages . About 60 percent of the total population lives in the villages . All the people are courageous, polite, broad minded and intelligent. The great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi , Jawaharlal Nehru , Sardar Patel , Netaji Subhas Bose were born here . In the field of science and literature my motherland has given birth to Rabindranath Tagore, Prem Chand, Radhanath Ray, CV Raman and Abdul Kalam.


The great warriors like Puru , Rana Pratap , Shivaji , Lala Lajpat Rai , Bhagat Singh were born here . They have brought glory of my motherland. The big rivers like the Ganga , the Brahmaputra , the Mahanadi , the Kaveri , the Godabari , the Narmada have been flowing from the time immemorial taking care of the people of my motherland . The mighty Himalayas that stands on the north act as the natural frontiers for the north side. The forests , river valleys , the catchment areas , high regions make my mother land green and beautiful . My motherland is a craze for the people of the world.


The scenic beauty of my motherland is beyond description . The ancient monuments like the Taj Mahal , The Sun Temple , the Elora caves , and churches and mosques and a number of monuments attract thousands of tourists from all over the world . My motherland shares its land with Pakistan , Nepal , China , Bhutan , Bangladesh and Burma . My motherland is a high profile country in the international arena . I feel proud to be a child of such a famous mother. India is my motherland . I love and respect her for she is a fair and rare land on the earth.



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