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How do I write an essay about my favorite hobby ?Essay on your favourite hobby

How do I write an essay about my favorite hobby ?Essay on your favourite hobby

Essay on your favourite hobby

A hobby is something that it is done during free time not to get money but to enjoy amusement and entertainment.  It is interesting to spend leisure time for enjoying pleasure and recreation of the mind.  It provides great joy and makes the life lively and dutiful.  It is done for the sake of amusement.  There are different kinds of hobbies such as ( I ) Collecting things such as postage stamps , flowers , picture post cards , coins ( ii ) games and sports ( iii ) photography , painting , music & ( iv ) gardening .  A hobby is usually an indoor time pass.  It’s aim is to get mental peace and somewhat profit.  It refreshes our mind by engaging in it and it is an interesting activity of one’s choice.
My favorite hobby is collecting flowers . 

I was inspired and encouraged by my mother.  This hobby is called philately and the person who does this hobby is called a philatelist.  I am also fond of collecting flowers.  I took the collection of the flowers when I was only four years old .  One day there was none at our home except my mother and myself.  To worship to the God , flowers are necessary .  So my mother advised me to take the flowers from the pond nearby our village.  I went to the pond and saw the different kinds of flowers in the trees.  Then it arose interest in my mind to collect the flowers for our home God. 

Gradual from that day my interest arose in my heart to collect the flowers for the God and the decoration of our house.  I used to make garlands out of the flowers and sometimes sell these for a few price .  Now – a – days I generally collect the different kinds of flowers of different colors and smells .  The flowers usually grow in our school garden and on the dikes of our village pond.  The old people and little children like me always going to collect the flowers for their home God .  But myself has interest to make the garlands and sell these at the market.  I collect different kinds of beautiful flowers having scents.  There are white flower garlands, red colored garlands and yellow colored garlands which are of different purposes. 

Some take for their vehicles , some take for the God and some take to decorate the bed room and houses nicely .  Some take for dead persons to serve the purpose.  I wake up early in the morning and start collecting the flowers which give me interest and amusement daily.  If I loss one day without doing this hobby I feel losing something from my house and feel disorder on that day .  How pretty the flowers are really ?  How do I enjoy watching and collecting those flowers ?  Flower collecting is indeed a very enjoyable and pleasurable hobby.  It gives immense amusement in me. 

Essay on your favourite hobby

It is essential to have a hobby daily.  It indicates a man how to enjoy pleasure and helps him to utilize his free time successfully and fruitfully.  Thus to have a hobby is highly beneficial effect .  It enjoys leisure hours with interest.  It provides us activity knowledge when we are in old age.  If one wishes to live long and be happy in the evening of one’s life, he should start cultivating any kind of hobbies.  It is also needful to even though a young person.  So one should start with a hobby in the morning of one’s life.  It enables one with the employment of free time successfully .

A hobby gives us pleasure for we do it for the love of the work and not under compulsion to earn.  Thus , it is more fulfilling and gives us more satisfaction and joy .  My favorite hobby is reading .  It is said ‘ reading is to the mind , what exercise is to the body .  ‘ I truly believe in the fact and that over the years, I feel books have become my friend.  My habit of reading started at an early age , when my mother or my grandmother would narrate me a story at bedtime.  They would narrate me moral and other fairy stories .  I would become very involved in these stories by asking different questions. 

I used to try to picturise the stories by adding my own elaborative version to it .  As I grew , my eagerness and curiosity was only increasing , making me realise that there are many more towns to be built , many more scenes that needs a new shape of my imagination .  That is how I fueled this passion for reading even more.  In my readings , I have been a king who has won nations , I have been an angel helping the needy , I have wandered places in search of the treasure , and I have also shed tears being a forgotten beloved .  Through my readings , I have traveled the farthest of the universe and have met zillions of aliens .. I like reading books. 

But my reading is not limited to any particular genre.  I like reading everything like Shakespeare , John Milton , Jane Austen , Mythological books , Rabindranath Tagore , and contemporary genre too like that of Chetan Bhagat , Paulo Coelho , Arundhati Roy etc.  Reading has endless number of advantages.  By reading a good book , one cannot only earn knowledge but also gain experience in life , and realise the eternal truth . 

Reading broadens the horizon of thinking of a person , improves vocabulary and cultivates sensitivity towards people of different cultures .  And no movie can match up the charm of reading.  All the characters look better and justified in the book rather than in the movie based on it.  I also believe that after reading so much I have a lot to narrate to the world.  Well , who knows this hobby turned into passion can turn me into a writer someday , or may inspire me to open my own library someday .



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