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Essay on my father in english !! How can I introduce my father in English?

Essay on my father in english !! How can I introduce my father in English?

Essay on my father in english

If there is an orange tree,

there are oranges

If there is a lemon tree,

there are lemons.

Father is the central figure in the family

If there is a gentle father, there are gentle children around him.
The father is the central figure in a family.  He is the first person who advises in hardship, in problem, in obstacle, in distress & in difficult situation.

His age and appearance

He is the only person who earns for our livings and shows the ways of earning and shows the ways of being a noble, honourable, gentleman  in the society.


Head person in the family

My father is eighty years old and he is a priest.  He looks tall and blackish in color.  He bears a clean sacred thread.  He is not so highly educated but he knows how to worship the God and knows the guideline of horoscopes.  He is hard – working, kind, helpful, care taking and loving and a simple man.  He wakes up early in the morning and finishes his daily routine work in an hour.  Then he goes to the temple to worship the God.  A lot of people often comes to him to ask about their future events.  He predicts them well.


Sole care taker of the family

His care and affection to me is unending and hidden in his heart.  He always advises me to know good, to do good and to be good.  He encourages me to study competitively my sheer groups.  He allows me to play games and to take part in gymnastics.  He ensures me to believe in the Almighty.


How he cares and advise

He is the only man who earns in our family and he looks after me as well as my sister.  He advises us to maintain systematic and a routine life in our family.  He inspires us to follow the ways of the saints, philosophers, educationists and spiritualists.


A source of inspiration to the children

Of course, he feels me at any time that I am not a burden in his mind.  Now he is in bad health I think how the God will recover my father from his illness.Nothing tastes me so sweet.  I think as if I were in a Jail.  No body feels freedom during his illness.We try at our best how to recover him from illnesses.


What happens when he fell ill- he is really precious

I think him as if he is a precious person in our village.  He is dutiful and reads the newspapers, the Ramayan, the Mahabharat and the Geeta and different kinds of sacred books and let us to read it.  He never wastes time boringly or unusefully.


How you cherish your father

I realize how lucky I am for having such a father who is a friend, philosopher, adviser and a guide to me.  He is really precious and we should cherish him for where we would be without him?  His life and inspiration makes us debtful under his feet.

Essay on my father in english

About My Father

An ideal father is the role model for the children. He commands love and respect from his family members. He is active, diligent and honest by nature. He is affectionate and loving . He is liked by his neighbors , relatives and friends . He is deeply religious and honest. He is such a person who keeps peace and harmony in the family.

An ideal father always tries to understand the minds and hearts of his children. He is the friend , philosopher and guide to his children . He is honest, truthful, polite and hardworking. He helps the children when they are in the state of despair. He values ​​the happiness of his family. An ideal father welcomes guests, relatives, friends and he often visits his friends and helps the needy. He admires his children and his wife .He is the symbol of honesty, diligence and good manners in the family. He rules the family members with love rather than whip and command.

By his actions, he becomes the ideal person for his children, friends and neighbors. An ideal father is a lion-hearted person in the family. He faces the hurdles with great courage. He doesn’t impose his views, and his knowledge on the children. He makes everyone feel as if they are his equal. His smiling face removes the sorrows of the family members. An ideal father always values ​​the health and happiness of the family. He loves and respects his wife and appreciates her labor in the kitchen as a good mother to the children .His children respect him like a merciful God . An ideal father is the symbol of peace and love in the family. Everyone in the family feels his absence when he goes out. An ideal father is the master of the family and rules by virtue, love and compassion.






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