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Essay on growth of population and it’s eradication !! How to write essay on pollution and mankind

Essay on growth of population and it’s eradication !! How to write essay on pollution and mankind

Essay on growth of population and it's eradication
India has stepped on the second position in population in the world. Now the population of India is nearly one hundred crore . In the ancient time the population was very little . The population was very little in past . There was no problem of having five or six children of a person. But now it is headache of the Govt. for the rapid growth of the population. There were a large number of people died in the second world war of Japan. so the Govt. declared to offer a prize for giving birth of a child. This is the time to control the child birth and the Govt. is offering a green card and a prize for this purpose. The Nation as a whole it is declared in notices that ” Small family ” is a ” happy family ” , ” We two ” and ” Our two “.


Now the population is growing rapidly . The population of India was 36 crores in 1947 and it was nearly 70 crores in 1981 and 86 crores in 1981. There are 23 children getting birth in every minute in our country . Within one year the population grows up to 1 crore 20 lakhs . If this situation continues, there will be difficult to supply food. shelter , service and clothes to the people of our country on behalf of the Govt. It is necessary to have a happy family for the society and country . There are lots of problems for the parents of a child to bring up. The parents can not make the arrangement for food, dress and shelter properly for their children and the parents feel nervous. The society creates from a family and the Nation creates from the societies .


A family is happy and so is a society and a Nation. The Nation where there is a growth of population , there are the problems before the face of the Nation . To solve the problems, the Nation takes help of the other countries. So the Nation, looks her independence. The unemployment problem also grows up. Every useful work of the country closes up, so these are the problems of food, dress, education, economic condition and taking shelter in the country. There are a lot of reasons of growth of population .

1) The people of our country believe on religion. They think that a child is an offer of the Almighty. So they are afraid of the God to the restriction of giving birth . They don’t think that only a child is sufficient to a generation. So for getting a son they give birth a daughter after a daughter and the family grows up.

2 ) The rate of giving birth is not coming down in comparison to the rate of death as there are proper eradication of the natural calamities , containing of medical calamities , continuing of medical treatment and control and development of public health .

3) The marriage time should be limited. Earlier marriage causes to give birth a lot of children.

4) Poverty is other reason of growth of population. The poor think that their children are the sources of income and so they give birth a dozen of children.

5) The social corruption and superistition are another factor of growth of population . Due to illiteracy , the people don’t think to control up the birth .


6) The traditional faith, piousness, poverty, illiteracy and ignorance don’t take the proper steps for controlling growth of population in our country.


7) There are a lot of reasons to control and eradicate for growth of population such as

i) The central Govt. should adopt to control the rate of giving birth and expense crores of rupees through five year plan. The Govt. wants to eradicate the growth by medicine, operation and loop method so there are a lot of family planning centers throughout the country and provides the facilities to the people to control the rate of birth.

ii) The Govt. gives a green card for these who have one or two children. So the children in the future may get a chance for a Govt. Service.


iii) The Central Govt. has acted that the girls should not marry before 18 years and the boys should not marry before 21 years.

iv) The child marriage is prohibited and it is a sort of a punishment.

v) Education for the women is encouraged to be learn something.

vi) To aware of the people about a family planning, there are different kinds of medias such as the News papers, Radios, Televisions and Notices.

vii) There is also aborsion method for the married women to control the rate of giving birth. So the above steps may eradicate to some extent of giving birth.

If there is a family planning, controlling of birth and creating small families, the Govt. will be benefited a large . The society should not keep in mind the National superstition at all. It is not a physical problem but a social problem to all. So as to avoid the problems of the Nation ,every person should be aware of these matters.

Essay on pollution and mankind

Essay on pollution and mankind

One of the consequences of technology and population growth is the increase of pollution throughout the world. Everyone knows the future of all life on earth will be endangered if man does not control the contamination of the environment. Pollution can take many forms : derelict landscapes caused by quarrying or mining , destroyed forests , industrial effluent , indestructible garbage , motor car fumes , farming chemicals , military poisons , nuclear tests , etc.

Pollution can poison the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. It is true that progress in knowledge had led to the development of science and technology which has, in turn, profoundly altered man’s environment. For example , fertilizers and insecticides have increased agricultural output which is required to feed the swelling population of the world . However, both give rise to pollution.

Each one in the modern world has accumulated in our bodies a few milligrams of D.D.T. which is organochlorine, a type of insecticide. Massive industrialization has also led to serious pollution of the environment. Millions of tons of smoke, sulphur gas, ash and unknown quantities of toxic by – products are sent up every day all over the world and we simply do not know if our new chemical environment is slowly poisoning us all.

The sea has become a cheap dumping ground for all kinds of waste products. Although the sea has a great capacity to break down all kinds of waste, this capacity is not unlimited, especially in shallow seas. Industrial effluent gets washed out into the sea , for industries tend to concentrate in coastal areas in order to be able to dispose of unwanted waste materials cheaply . Atomic wastes as well as poison gases are dumped in the sea by industrial and military authorities.

Chemical and biological warfare, like nuclear warfare, could one day destroy mankind; the weapons used could destroy not merely the enemy but vast civilian population as well . It would be foolish to shut our eyes to the dangers of the pollution that man causes. It is true that more and more people have become aware of the dangers of pollution. Public opinion is gradually being aroused to concern, and if all of us become concerned about our environment we shall be able to keep the earth habitable for future generations.




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