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My favourite festival Durga Puja Essay in English !! How Durga Puja is celebrated in our city how you enjoy this festival?

My favourite festival Durga Puja Essay in English !! How Durga Puja is celebrated in our city how you enjoy this festival?

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Outline : [ Introduction – An important festival of the Hindus – when holds – The stories about the origin – The beautiful images of the goddess Durga installed on the frame – the people worship the goddess – The festivities – The entertainments – The most powerful one , The Goddes Durga – conclusion]


To be sacred and pure one has to be a devotee or exercise meditation or sacrifice one’s life near the God / Goddess or worship mindfully to the Almighty. One has to observe the festivals of the God / Goddess to get a successful life. Hence there are a lot of festivals or pujas held in our country . Out of these, Durga puja is an important puja which is held throughout the state.


The Durga puja is one of the important festivals in our state and it is celebrated by the Hindus all over the country especially in Bengal and Odisha. It begins on the 16th day of Aswin and lasts for about ten days. The Goddess Durga is worshiped with great devotion . The people generally worship for four consecutive days i.e the Saptami , the Astami and the Nabami and the Dasami when the image of the Goddess is immersed in water of a tank or a river .



There are two stories about the origin of the Durga puja. It is believed that the Lord Rama Chandra worshiped the Goddess Durga when he went to fight with Ravana and he got the fruit in killing him .


It is also believed that Maa Durga , as she is often called , killed Mahisasura , a dreaded demon on the 25th day of Ashwin.

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During the Durga Puja, the beautiful images of the Goddess Durga are installed at different places of Odisha and Bengal. The image is worshiped along with Lakshmi , Saraswati , Ganesh and Kartikeya . There is also an image of Asura ( demon ) and the lion which is the vehicle of the Goddess Durga . There is also a rat at the feet of Ganesh and a peacock under Kartikeya. The images are lovingly decorated with the shining flowers , colored papers and ornaments in duplicate . The Goddess Durga has ten arms and keeps a weapon in each arm.


The Puja activities goes on for four days . The people forget all their worries and get excitement and amusement of the occasion. The towns and villages dazzle with the neon lights and shops remain open till late night and other things sell with heavy discounts . People buy a lot of things cheaply during this Puja . There are also beating of drums at the places of worship.



It is really a festival of light, sound, and worship for four nights. On the fourth day of the festival, the image is taken to immerse to a nearby pond or tank. It is strictly observed in the town areas.


Some people enjoy dramas, play gambling and do other entertainments during this puja. They all wear new clothes and a lot of competitions are also held . The people forget their worries and their enemies. The Puja comes to an end on Vijaya Dasami with the lord Rama Chandra killing Ravana , Kumbhakarna and Meghanada . After the immersion of the God and Goddess , The Hindus embrace one another as a symbol of love and affection and distribute sweets and fruits among them .


Maa Goddess Durga is considered to be the most powerful Goddess who is the bestower of strength, prosperity and gifts of life. So the devotees pray to her for the various boons. She killed the demon king Mahisasura who had been troubling the Gods and Goddess and occupied Indra’s throne in the heaven. So they worshiped the great Goddess and hence known as Mahisasura Madini .


The people generally want to get their boons from Maa Durga and it is a great festival of the Hindus. So the devotees eagerly and anxiously await for this puja every year.




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