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Anupamaa Serial Upcoming Episode Vanraj Realized His Mistake Kavya Played And Take Shah House

Anupamaa Serial Latest Episode: Kavya is going to show her colors once again in Anupama serial. After this a big twist will come in the serial. There is a lot of enthusiasm among the audience about Anupama serial. Anupama is shown as a woman from a middle class family. In the latest episode of Anupama, it was seen that Vanraj is getting angry with his mother. On which Anupama tries to convince him but Vanraj does not understand. Then Hasmukh Shah i.e. Vanraj’s Bapuji comes and tells Vanraj that whatever his wife did, a mother should not be punished. Vanraj requests his Bapuji to return but his father refuses.

Kavya who is Vanraj’s wife narrates all this as drama and says that everything happened because of Anupama. Then Leela says that she has made a mistake not by Anupama but by Kavya’s provocation. Kavya breaks down on this and says that it is not her fault, all Anupama and Anuj have done. Vanraj tells his wife Kavya that nothing can happen without Anupama. A heated argument is shown between Kavya and Vanraj. Vanraj then says that he has made the biggest mistake by marrying her. Kavya also tells Vanraj that she has ruined her life by getting married.

After this, Kavya surprises the entire family including Vanraj with her cunning act. Kavya brings home papers and says that this is my house. What will happen here or not is my choice. Everyone is shocked to see this form of Kavya. When Anupama and Dolly were signed on the paper of the house, only then Kavya took the Shah House in her name. Now the entire Shah family including Vanraj will come on the road. A new twist is going to come once again in Anupama serial. It has to be seen that now Anupama’s entire family will go to her house and how will she take back her Shah House from Kavya.

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