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Air Pollution Supreme Court Says Take Measure Before Situations Deterioration Make Permanent Plan After Review Weather Ann | Delhi Air Pollution: Supreme Court said on pollution

SC on Air Pollution: The Supreme Court has said that there has been a decline in the pollution level in Delhi, but the credit for this goes less to the efforts of the government, more to the change in the weather. The court said that scientific study should be done on the level of pollution in different seasons. The plan should be made on the basis of that. The court also said that the government starts adopting control measures after increasing the level of pollution. It should make such a system, in which steps are started as soon as the forecast of change in wind flow is received from the Meteorological Department.

As soon as the hearing began in the bench of Chief Justice NV Ramana, Justice DY Chandrachud and Justice Surya Kant, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, appearing for the central government, said, “AQI level on November 16 was 403. Now it is 290.” To this the Chief Justice said, “It is because of the wind blowing. We want to know what you have done?” On this, the Solicitor General started counting the measures taken by the Center and the states.

Mehta told the judges that during this period fines were imposed on illegal constructions and vehicles running against the rules. The entry of trucks in Delhi is still closed. Thermal power plants have been kept closed. Bus facility has been given to bring government employees to office. Schools are still kept closed. On this, Justice Chandrachud, a member of the bench, said, “The problem is that you start work when the situation worsens. Preparation should be done in a scientific way. Can’t control the flow of the wind. But on the basis of how the wind will blow for the next 7 days.” But you can take action.”

The Chief Justice went ahead with the matter and said, “Your pollution control plan should be implemented immediately as soon as the wind flow is estimated to be low. The situation should not wait for worsening.” The Bench was of the view that the situation in Delhi is different in different months of the year. All-weather pollution in the last 5-6 years should be scientifically reviewed. Planning should be done for the whole year. The Solicitor General agreed to this suggestion.

After this, the Chief Justice said that many new applications have come to the court. It is a labor organization that the construction work should be started. The Chief Justice further said, “Workers are affected due to stoppage of construction work. There are crores of rupees in the Labor Welfare Fund of the government? These people should be given money for 4-5 days.” The Court indicated that this aspect would be considered further.

During the hearing, the Chief Justice pulled up the government and said, “We will not close the matter. Will give a detailed order on this. You are telling AQI 290. We have come to know that it is 381 at present. Wind Flow 3 km/h. Hearing will be held on Monday.” The court also wanted to know how much stubble has been removed from the fields in Punjab, Haryana and UP. Justice Surya Kant, a member of the bench, suggested, “If the crop residue is sent to the states where there is a shortage of fodder for animals, then a solution can be found by adopting the Govardhan model.” The next hearing of the case will take place on Monday, November 29.

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